Future Focus Areas


Zeuxion is focused on being at the forefront of the latest technological innovations in the Data and Telecommunications industry. This involves the trends with moving to software defined networks and virtualization, as well as latest Next Generation Mobile Front and Backhaul technologies such as CPRI over OTN.

Zeuxion is also involved in developing and maintaining security solutions such as MACsec based products. This is an area that has seen a growth over the last few years.

Key Market Segments


Historically, Optical Transport was Zeuxion’s biggest segment. But today Packet, Wireless and Security have grown and represent more than 70% of our business. Especially the Packet segment is very important with both large and small Ethernet/MPLS switch designs.

Although the optical segment is shrinking, OTN and old legacy SONET/SDH is still a core business for Zeuxion and we are actively engaged in delivering both Software as well as Chip solutions in these areas.

Field of Expertise

Zeuxion’s core competences are within the Data and Telecommunication field, but we also do diverse applications such as video encoding and sonar systems.

Our deliverers include everything from FPGA images to ASIC netlists and complete embedded systems with software drivers.

We are very flexible and cover almost every coding language, from RTL in Verilog/VHDL to Software in C/C++ and scripting in TCL/Python/Perl.

Development Capabilities

  • System Engineering and Architecture
  • Program and Project Management
  • RTL Development, VHDL, Verilog and System Verilog
  • Synthesis, Place & Route and Timing Closure
  • Embedded Software Drivers, Protocols & Applications
  • System on a chip (SoC) with embedded Linux, Nios or MicroBlaze
  • Verification, Documentation and Maintenance

Domain Details

Packet Switching

Ethernet Technologies

  • PCS Layer 1-400 Gbps
  • MAC Layer 1-400 Gbps
  • Error Correction (10/40/100Gbps), RS FEC

Traffic Managers

  • Queuing Systems and Scheduler
  • Port, Class or per flow based queuing

Service OAM

  • OAM for MPLS-TP
  • T-MPLS
  • Ethernet
  • Connectivity
  • Delay measurement and loss measurement

Optical Transport

OTN Layers

  • OTU2, OTU3, OTU4 and OTU5
  • ODU0, ODU1, ODU2e
  • ODU3e and transient encoding to ODU2 and ODU3
  • Ethernet Mapping

Packet Encapsulations

  • ATM
  • GFP
  • POS
  • PPP-ML
  • SAR

Physical Interfaces

  • Interlaken
  • PCIe, Optical PCIe
  • SFI, SPI
  • DDR2, DDR3, DDR4

Wireless Systems

Modulation and Error Correction

  • QAM and QPSK modulator/demodulator
  • Error correction using RS, BCH, LDPC and Turbo Decoder
  • DVB-T/S encoder/decoder

Radio Interfaces

  • CPRI, CPRI over OTN
  • LTE encoder/decoder
  • JESD204A/B sampling interfaces

Video Systems

  • Adaptive Video for wireless transmission
  • H.264
  • MPEG4

Security Solutions

802.1 MACSec

  • IEEE802.1AE Ethernet MAC Security
  • IETF RFC4301 IP Security
  • 1-100Gbps
  • AES256 encryption
  • EAPoL – Extensible Authentication Protocol

TCP Offload Engine

  • 10 Gbps full TCP/IP engine with hardware offload
  • RFC793, RFC1122, RFC1323 and RFC5681
  • Sub nanosec timestamping