Business Model

The Zeuxion business model builds on a traditional consultancy offering model.

Projects range from ones where Zeuxion develops project requirements based on the customer’s ideas to projects where the customer specifies the full project requirements. The customer owns the developed IP. This means full access to the developed source code including design and test documentation. Zeuxion also provides maintenance support and bug fixing support for developed IP.

The customer does not pay any IP royalty. Instead the customer only pays for the development cost based on either hourly time basis or a project fixed price.

The rationale behind this model is for Zeuxion to be as flexible as possible helping the customer simplifying planning and budgeting. The design service shall not only assist the customer in the project phase but also keeping the customer in decision control later.

Why Choose Zeuxion

  • Specialized design services in a cost effective manner
  • World class designers primarily with a data & telecommunications background
  • Proven track record with leading global companies, more than 150 projects
  • The Intellectual Property created by Zeuxion is automatically transferred to you – including source code
  • We plug into your organization and act as a virtual workforce adding brains and hands to your team
Zeuxion enables your in-house teams to bring sophisticated customer solutions and products faster to the market

Project Process

The customer identifies the project scope. Usually Zeuxion will assist in refining the requirements.

The customer owns the IP created by Zeuxion with full access to source code, design and test documentation. Optionally, to speed up the project and mitigate risks background IP from Zeuxion can be utilized.

The customer pays for the work undertaken by Zeuxion. Projects are either fixed price or time & material based, but can be a combination of the two. For example, the initial architectual and requirement phase can be time & material based, while the design work is at fixed price. 12 months free support is included in all projects.

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